Icarus Never Flew 'Round Here

Readers' Favorite (Pikasho Deka)

"...Matt Edwards' smooth prose and addictive narrative keep their hold on you from start to finish. This is a riveting story that follows a man's slow descent into madness as he buries himself in the rabbit hole of trying to discern meaning from events way above his station..."


Indpendent Book Review (Madeline Barbush)

"...Although wrought with so many exciting concepts and themes, Edwards explores particularly well the idea of loneliness and the danger of being only with our thoughts for too long..."


Midwest Book Review (Diane Donovan)

"...Matt Edwards moves readers from the expected into the unexpected as he follows Dale into the descent of a man who looks for God within and outside himself, only to unearth tragedy and death...."


Literary Titan

"[Edwards] has written a novel that is bound to pique readers curiosity and leave them thinking about things long after they put the book down."


Kirkus Reviews

"Dale makes for an authentically frightening figure...His descent into madness is a quiet, slow burn. The narrative skillfully portrays a man who never seems to flinch."